19-3100 Porter-Cable 6 gallon Disposable Bag, 3 Pack

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The Porter-Cable high efficient disposable filter bag is perfect for cleaning and emptying big messes. Collect dust and debris. The bag is easily disconnected to then throw away when the job is done, or the bag is full. Use for dry pick-up only. Porter-Cable wet/dry vacuums deliver superior performance for cleaning up big messes. From the portable 3-gallon to the powerful 16-gallon wet/dry vacuum, Porter-Cable wet/dry vacuums are the perfect tool for the household and professional cleanup.

Works with :
  • Porter-Cable 6-9 Gallon Wet/dry Vacuum 
  • Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuums: SL18116P, SL18143, SL18115, SL18115P, SL18116, SL1816P, SL18117, SL18158, SL18402-8B, SL18701P-10A
Product Dimension (L x W x H) inches :
  • 1.3  x 7.87 x  17.7
Item gross weight(lbs) :
  • 0.42