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About us




Alton Industry Ltd Group has been dedicated to building performance-driven, and reliable products in the power tool industry. Our U.S. office located in West Chicago, IL, has a warehouse and full customer service team, ready to tend to your product needs.

We also have a full marketing, sales, finance, and logistics team equipped for providing the best possible support to our customers and clients. 

Alton Industry Ltd. Group is continuously driving innovation and increasing the capabilities of our products to make sure our customers always have the right tools for the job.

Hear the difference with our line of Quiet Power Technology™ air compressors that deliver 80% less noise, and last 3x longer than standard air compressors*. Find our products in stores and online.



Alton Industry Ltd. Group believes that in order to be a better company, we have to be better to our customers. Whether it be at home, on the job, or working on a hobby, our customers depend our products to get the job done. That is why we build quality products and deliver the best possible customer service.

  1. Excellent Customer Service

Whether you need an additional accessory or a replaced part, our customer service team has the information and supplies to take care of your needs. Available M-F 8am-5pm CT.

  1. Building Dependable Products

Strict quality control is critical for making sure our customers know they are buying a product they can count on.

  1. Honesty and Reputation

The pillar of any good company is an honest reputation. Our products have 3rd party certifications to prove they can be counted on.

  1. Respect
  • Alton Industry Ltd. Group is a worldwide company free of harassment and discrimination based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, and more. Every Alton team member holds a critical position to our goal of providing better products and better service, and is treated with the respect they deserve.
  1. Doing the Right Thing

Alton Industry Ltd. Group holds itself to a higher standard of business. Almost all situations are unique in their own way. We recognize that every action we take has a direct result, and we push to find solutions that benefit everyone.


    Our Vision 

    As the world moves into the future, the needs of our customers also change or evolve. Alton Industry Ltd. Group takes pride in our engineering team who work tirelessly to innovate a better way of doing things. Whether it be designing a new motor, adding a new feature, or creating an additional product to our line. Alton Industry Ltd. Group sees the changes in the world and is constantly adapting to be the solution our customers need.

    What is Covered?

    Vacs are warranted to be free of material and workmanship defects for the lifetime of the Vac.

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