08-2506 - Stanley 2-1/2" Crevice Nozzle

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The Stanley universal crevice nozzle is the perfect tool for cleaning in corners and tight spaces. The narrow yet long nozzle, leaves no crevice out of reach. Fits most wet/dry vacuums with a 2.5” hose. 

Works with :
  • SL18199-14A, SL18199-16A, SL18199-18A, SL18199-14B, SL18199-16B, SL18199-18B, SL18008B, SL18401P-8A, 18150P-12A, 18401-8A, SL18401-8B, AL18501-10A, SL18501-12B, SL18601-14B, SL18601-16B.
  • PCX18604P-12A, PCX18604P-16A.
Product Dimension (L x W x H) inches :
  • 10.31 x  2.4  x 2.44 
Item gross weight(lbs) :
  • 0.132