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Common troubleshooting questions

Motor does not run

1. Check the power cord, plugs and outlet.

2. Ensure the on/ off switch is in the ON position ( I )

Suction capacity decreases

1. Remove blockages in the nozzle, suction tube, suction hose or lter.

2. Replace the paper or disposable dust bag.

3. Check for proper installation of the filter.

4. Clean or replace the filter.

5. Empty the dust tank, refer to Empty the tank under Operating instructions.

Vacuum stops running

Thermal overload has been tripped:

1. Turn the vacuum off and disconnect vacuum cleaner from power source.

2. Empty the canister, if needed.

3. Allow the unit to cool.

4. Plug the power cord into an appropriate outlet and turn on/off switch to the ON position ( I ) to test.

If vacuum will not restart call 1-888-899-0146

Dust comes out while vacuuming

Dewalt Wet/Dry Vacuums

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