MultiMax Concentrated bleach powder 5PK

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MultiMax is a low waste, eco-friendly, all-purpose concentrated bleach powder that comes in convenient single use packets. These packets have a long and stable shelf life up to two years.

Using one packet of MultiMax per designated gallon bleach bottle, and reusing that bottle when empty with another MultiMax packet, you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your plastic waste.
MultiMax concentrated bleach powder packets are light weight and are easy to store and transport. Each MultiMax packet weighs 1.4 oz compared to the 8.3 lbs. weight of a gallon of bleach, reducing fuel and transportation costs as well as that additional carbon load. MultiMax concentrated bleach powder is PH balanced so it is safe to use for your daily sanitation and cleaning needs. Reduce your carbon footprint while you save time, money and effort using these MultiMax concentrated bleach powder packets