25-1218 Stanley 20' Flexible Wet/Dry Vacuum Hose

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The Stanley 25-1218, 1.25” x 20’ hose is crush-resistant and flexible. Easily bends to clean nook and cranny at home, the garage, in the car, and more. The 20’ length leaves no corner out of reach. The extra flexible material also allows for more range of movement so you never feel that the hose is tied up. From a portable wall-mounted 1-gallon, 1.5 peak HP wet/dry vacuum great for a variety of clean-up tasks in any room at home and the garage to the rugged 14-gallon, 6.5 Peak HP stainless steel vacuum for heavy-duty use, Stanley vacuums make short work of even the toughest jobs, saving you time and effort.

Features :
  • Incredibly Flexible
  • Crush Resistant
  • 1.25" x 20'
Fits Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuums :
  • SL18132, SL18133, SL18139P, SL18125P, SL18127P, SL18128P, SL18129, SL18130, SL18136, SL18130P
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  • 1
Item gross weight(lbs) :
  • 3.13