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Quiet Power Technology™ Air compressors feature a four-pole induction motor operating at only 1700 RPM. Combined with the use of two pumps, the air flow is more evenly distributed, resulting in an astonishingly quiet machine. Standard air compressors can be loud and disorienting, especially in small rooms. QPT™ air compressors let you work for hours inside without the annoyance of an air compressor that’s as loud as a lawn mower. QPT™ motors are ideal for pros who work all day near their air compressors. It’s also the perfect solution for anyone who wants to do a project in their own home, and still be able to hear themselves think.  

The benefits of Quiet Power Technology don’t stop there. QPT™ motors also last up to 3x longer than standard air compressors*. Know that when you’re using a QPT™ air compressor, you can rely on it to finish the job, the next job, and the job after. QPT™ motors also have the added convenience of an oil-free pump.  All of these incredible features mean that your new QPT™ air compressor will run up to 3x longer than standard oil-free compressors without the required maintenance of an oil-lubed pump*. 

*Briggs & Stratton™ Quiet Power Technology™ air compressors have been tested to be 80% quieter and qualified to 3 times longer motor life than Briggs & Stratton™ air compressors with standard induction motors.