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The DeWalt Stealthsonic is a groundbreaking ultra-quiet wet/dry vacuum designed to minimize noise disruption in any work setting. With noise levels of less than 70 dB, it ensures a peaceful environment while effectively handling your cleaning needs.

Available in three convenient sizes - 9 gallon, 12 gallon, and 16 gallon - the Stealthsonic provides versatility and power to tackle a wide range of tasks.


Whether it's in a workshop, garage, or any other space where noise control is paramount, the DeWalt Stealthsonic is the perfect companion, offering impressive performance without the added noise. The DeWalt Stealthsonic is 50% quieter than the standard wet/dry vacuum.*

*Every 7dB(A) is a doubling in loudness.

**According to OSHA Standards in terms of Occupational Noise Exposure

***Based on internal testing against DXV12P

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