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Stanley and Porter-Cable accessories are the perfect tools for cleaning up any mess. Use the crevice nozzle for getting into tight corners in the kitchen, or detailing those hard to reach spots between the seats of your car.  The gulper and utility nozzles are great for cleaning up large surface areas and spills.  The Wheeled floor brushes are perfect for taking on carpet, wood, and tile floors. While the extension wands can keep you on your feet and reach high up places you thought you’d never be able to clean. 

Use these Stanley and Porter-Cable accessories with your own vacs too! Many vacuums use the 1.25”, 1-7/8”, and 2.5” diameter hoses which are compatible with our nozzles and brushes. (always check the dimensions of your vacuums and tools for the best match) So even if your using a different vacuum, know that you can still use quality wet/dry vacuum accessories. Contact us at Alton if you think our accessories can work for you! 

Always make sure you’re using the right filter for the Job. Here is a quick break down. 

Dry Pick up
  • Use the Blue cloth filter, foam filter, and dust bag for best results
  • Or use the Cartridge filter and dust bag for best results 
Wet Pick up
  • Use only the foam filter. Do not use a dust bag or blue cloth filter
  • Or use only the cartridge filter. Do not use a dust bag or blue cloth filter 

Use them again and again! The blue cloth filter, foam filter, and cartridge filters are all reusable and can be cleaned for repeated use. See the owner’s manual for details on how to clean and maintain your tools to get the best use out of them.