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Everybody knows that your small vac is great for small messes. But these Stanley wet/dry vacuums are built to take on the bigger messes too. Every 120V Stanley wet/dry vacuums is equipped with at least 1.5 HP. Making it perfect for picking up pet hair, drywall dust, debris, and more. That’s not even the Half of it! Remove the blue cloth filter and/or dust bag, attach the foam filter, and you’re ready to pick up all those spills that would normally take up an entire roll of paper towels. Don’t cry over spilled milk, clean it up quick, with a Stanley wet/dry vacuum!  Need to empty your small but heavy fist tank? Don’t risk dropping and spilling water everywhere. Use these wet/dry vacuums to transfer water without spilling a drop.  The features don’t stop there either! Many Stanley wet/dry vacuums feature a high performance blower port for powerful blowing for clearing out the garage or blowing leaves off the patio. You can even use the inflator kit to turn your vacuum into a custom tool for quickly inflating your air mattress. What about cold ash clean up? Well the Stanley and Porter-Cable ash vacs are just the tool you need to clean out your fireplace, grill, and bonfire pits. Equipped with a thick ultra-efficient filter, you can clean up cold ash all year round.